How Will You Be Remembered?

Memories are the treasures that our families and friends are left with when we pass away.
How will your memories be shared? Will you be the final author? When we pre-plan our funeral services, we are able to choose exactly how we want to be remembered. We can be at peace in knowing that the final details are taken care of and our family and friends can begin healing instead of worrying about making arrangements.
When we are immersed in grief, even routine decisions become trying and difficult. Pre-planning inevitably lightens some of the burden that rests on our family’s shoulders. If you think about it, planning a funeral ahead of time is one way of leaving a parting gift to our family and friends.
To assist you with this important task, we have developed several burial and cremation plans that are convenient, easy to understand, and sensibly priced. We encourage you to come in and meet with one of our professional staff to begin making arrangements.


The Benefits of Pre-Planning

  • Costs are guaranteed and protected against inflation
  • Flexible payment options are available
  • Plans are completely transferable to other funeral homes, should you move
  • Your wishes are specified, and will be carried out exactly
  • Provides for final expenses